1. To bring and perpetuate healing to the body of Christ so that the body of Christ can bring healing to the world.

2. To teach and equip with:

  • A Salvation Message
  • The Healing Word
  • The Anointing that Empowers the Word
  • Provide Prayer and Deliverance for the Sick and Bound
  • An Impartation for Healing to the Local Church

3. To heal, equip, and release believers into the healing ministry according to Mark 16: 17-18.

4. To extend the Kingdom and will of God on earth.




1. To re-establish healing as a vital ministry of the body of Christ.

2. To unite, heal, and restore the people of God to prepare for end time harvest.

3. To restore the ministry of healing and deliverance to the whole church, to reach every person in every nation,     that every person be brought to a place of salvation and healing, because the whole person needs to be impacted by the whole Gospel, according to 1 Thessalonians 5:23.